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Self Control Motive Scale

The Self-Control Motive Scale measures individuals' want to have more self-control than they presently do. The scale consists of 8 items (e.g., "I want to be more self-disciplined"), tapping one's motive to do better in habit breaking, impulse, emotional, and cognitive control. Time frame in answering the scale ranges from one's present state ("at the moment") to a general, trait-like, motive to have more self-control ("in my life in general"). Both versions show high reliability and yield valid results pertaining to mood, cognition, and behavioral outcomes.

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In citing the scale please use the following reference:
Uziel, L., & Baumeister, R. F. (2010). Self-control motive: On the manifestation and implication of wanting to have more self-control. Poster presented at the 11th annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP 2010). Las-Vegas, NV.Open PDF

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