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Individual Differences in Social Behavior Lab


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  • Dr. Liad Uziel

    Dr. Liad Uziel

    Dr. Liad Uziel CV CV (pdf)

    Psychology building, room #412



    2011–present: Coordinator of the Social/Organizational area.
    2010–present: Lecturer – Bar-Ilan University – Psychology Department (Social/Organizational area).
    2009-2010: Instructor-Dr. - Bar-Ilan University – Psychology Department (Social/Organizational area).

    2007-2008: Florida State University – Psychology Department –Baumeister/Tice Lab (Supervisor: Prof. Roy F. Baumeister).
    2007: The Open University of Israel – Psychology and Education (Supervisor: Prof. Sonia Roccas).

    PhD – 2007: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Organizational Behavior (Supervisor: Prof. Avi N. Kluger).
    MA (Magna Cum Laude) – 2001: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Social Psychology.
    BA (Summa Cum Laude) – 1997: Bar-Ilan University – Psychology (major) and Political Science (minor).

  • PhD Students

    Tomer Schmidt-Barad Tomer Schmidt-Barad
    I am a PhD student in my second year. My main field of interest is the interaction between dispositions and the situation and its effects on pro and anti social behavior. At the moment I am researching the interaction between social power, pro-social traits and self-control, and its effects on pro-social behavior.


    Master Students

    Galit Kahana - Attractiveness of a potential mate as a function of attributed self-control, evaluator's sex, and relationship orientation (MA - Graduated 2011).
    Neta Amit - The association of impression mangement with organizational citizenship behavior and counterproductive work behavior (MA - Graduated 2013).
    Anna Fishov
    Miri Katz - "Dark triad" personality traits and selfish behavior in public social contexts.
    Dan Lipner
    Orly Shalev
  • Research Assisnants

    Hadas Carmon
  • Hadar Biran
  • Batel Braunstein
  • Idit Rubinstein

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