Please read the following before downloading the slides.

These are the slide presentations of the course in “Computational Biology” I have given in Bar-Ilan University in Israel for the last several years. These presentations should be used in conjunction with the new book “Biological Computational” by Lamm and Unger published by CRC Press.

Since the slides have pre-dated the book, some material has been “borrowed back” into the slides from the book, but there may be slight differences in notations, etc. However, basically the slides and the text are complementary and should be used together. More information on how this material can be taught as a one semester course is given in the introduction of the book.

Permission is granted to use the slides for academic non-commercial teaching purposes, provided that the slides are unchanged and that their source is acknowledged.

Since some of the slides are hyperlinked to .net demonstration programs and .avi animation files, we advise to keep the structure of folders as exists in the .rar file.

The demo programs require .net framework environment. To install the .net framework go to

Ehud Lamm – for the pleasure of the joint work on the book “Biological Computation” which was used to update many of the original slides of the course.
Yair Horesh – for taking part in teaching the course in Bar-Ilan and contributing many of the slides.
Ehud Shapiro – for slides on molecular computation.
Amir Unger – for programming the demonstration programs.

Please refer any comments to:
Prof. Ron Unger
Computational Biology
Faculty of Life Science
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Tel: 972-3-5318124