Dynamic Assessment (DA) Tests
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Until now David Tzuriel has published many studies on dynamic assessment including three books: (a) Interactive Assessment (edited book with H. Carl Haywood), (b) Cognitive modifiability: The dynamic assessment of learning potential, (c) Mediated Learning Experience: Theory, Research and Practice, (d) Dynamic assessment of young children, and many studies in the field of mediated learning experience, cognitive education, and development of ego identity at adolescence.

David Tzuriel has published seven dynamic assessment tests for preschool children that are used all over the world. The tests are: (a) the Children's Analogical Thinking Modifiability (CATM) test (Tzuriel & Klein, 1985, 1987; Tzuriel & Ernst, 1990), (b) the Frame Test of Cognitive Modifiability (Tzuriel & Klein, 1986), (c) Complex Figure Test for Young Children (Tzuriel & Eiboshitz, 1992), (d) the Children's Inferential Thinking Modifiability test (CITM, Tzuriel, 1989; Tzuriel & Eran 1990), (e) the Cognitive Modifiability Battery (CMB): Assessment and Intervention (Tzuriel, 1995a, 1997), (f) the Children's Seriational Thinking Modifiability (Tzuriel, 1995b), the Seria-Think Instrument, and (g) the Children's Conceptual and Perceptual Analogical Modifiability (CCPAM) test. Closed Analogies (Tzuriel & Galinka, 2000) and Construction Analogies (Tzuriel, 2002) versions.

David Tzuriel is known in many parts of the world as a leader and developer of the dynamic assessment movement. He has taught 100 international workshops around the world during the last 20 years, including workshops at the American Psychological Association and workshops sponsored by UNICEF in South America.

Areas of interest include mediated learning experience strategies in mother-child interactions, mediated learning as a developmental determinant of cognitive modifiability, and the use of dynamic assessment as a substitute for standard conventional psychometric tests. His scientific work is related to empirical validation of the theories of Vygotsky and Feuerstein, and his research is cited frequently in the literature.