Prof. Shlomo Shpiro – SAFE-COMMS Project Coordinator

Prof. Shlomo Shpiro is Head of the Political Studies Department and Director of its Division of Intelligence and Homeland Security at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Prof. Shpiro is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (BA 1992), the University of Salford (MA 1994) and the University of Birmingham (PhD 1998). He specializes in the fields of intelligence, terrorism and security, combining research on technology and security policies, with emphasis on crisis management and communication, counter terrorism, social resilience, borders security and internal security issues.

Formerly Research Coordinator at the Israeli Parliament, Prof. Shpiro conducted research at leading universities in Europe and Israel and has published extensively on intelligence, terrorism and security. In the aftermath of the Kosovo war, in the years 1999-2001, he led a NATO-funded project on improving intelligence cooperation between NATO and Mediterranean countries. In the years 2009-2012 he was Coordinator of the highly successful FP7 'Safe-Comms' project, creating the EU Terrorism Crisis Communication Strategy. he participated in other EU projects in the fields of security and technology. He lectured widely on intelligence and security, including at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the UK Ministry of Defence, the German Military Staff Academy, and dozens of other top level venues all over the world.

Prof. Shpiro’s recent work focuses on five key areas: Terror crisis communication and the recovery from terror attacks; Technologies and crisis management policies for enhancing societal resilience; New technologies and methods for homeland security; cyber security and the protection of critical infrastructures; Security ethics and societal responsibilities. He published several books and dozens of articles in his fields of specialization.