Congestion Games with Player-Specific Constants

Marios Mavronicolas, Igal Milchtaich, Burkhard Monien and Karsten Tiemann

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4708 (), 633–644


We consider a special case of weighted congestion games with player-specific latency functions where each player uses for each particular resource a fixed (non-decreasing) delay function together with a player-specific constant. For each particular resource, the resource-specific delay function and the player-specific constant (for that resource) are composed by means of a group operation (such as addition or multiplication) into a player-specific latency function. We assume that the underlying group is a totally ordered abelian group. In this way, we obtain the class of weighted congestion games with player-specific constants; we observe that this class is contained in the new intuitive class of dominance weighted congestion games.