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Igal Milchtaich

Department of Economics

Building 504 Room 201

Bar-Ilan University

Ramat Gan 5290002


Phone: +972 3 5318944



Teaching and Seminars

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Game Theory Seminar

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Research Interests

Game Theory
Microeconomic Theory
Social Choice
Applications to Biology

Published Papers

Instability of Defection in the Prisoner’s Dilemma Under Best Experienced Payoff Dynamics (with Srinivas Arigapudi and Yuval Heller). Journal of Economic Theory 197 (2021), 105174. (Abstract)

Internalization of Social Cost in Congestion Games. Economic Theory 71 (2021), 717–760. (Abstract)

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A General Approach to Genetic Equilibria with an Uneven Sex Ratio. Journal of Theoretical Biology 157 (1992), 373–381. (Abstract)


Working Papers

Best-Response Equilibrium: An Equilibrium in Finitely Additive Mixed Strategies. Bar-Ilan University, Research Institute for Econometrics and Economic Theory, Working Paper 2-20, June 2020. (Abstract)

Static Stability in Games. Bar-Ilan University, Research Institute for Econometrics and Economic Theory, Working Paper 1-20, April 2020. (Abstract)

Agnostic Sequential Rationality. (Abstract)

Potentials and Weak Potentials in Acyclic and Weakly Acyclic Games. (Abstract)

Altruism and Spite in Tullock Contest (with Orel Zahojay). (Abstract)

Games with Congestion-Averse and Congestion-Seeking Players (with Anna Zalkind). (Abstract)

Time-Differentiated Monopolies (with Amihai Glazer and Refael Hassin). (Abstract)

The Seven Good Years: On the Economics of Hoarding.

On Some Saddle Point Matrices and Applications to Completely Mixed Equilibrium in Bimatrix Games (with Tadeusz Ostrowski).

Poisson Price Dispersion (with Yoram Halevy). SSRN 770969, 2005.

Acquired Cooperation in Finite-Horizon Dynamic Games (with Avi Weiss). SSRN 387420, 2002.