Welcome to the BIU ultracold atoms lab!

Atoms are ultracold when they are at a temperature of one millionth of a Kelvin above absolute zero. Such an extremely low temperature is achieved with none other than lasers almost as simple as you have in your DVD player! Evidently, amazing physics bursts out at so cool environment.

So, what are we up to?

We have two primary research tasks:

  • In the first we study universal few-body physics, a peculiar quantum mechanical phenomenon predicted in early 70's and searched in vain in many physical systems. It was ultimately observed only with ultracold atoms in recent years.
  • In the second we study matter-wave solitons. Solitons are truly interdisciplinary subject which traces from biology to astrophysics with the most prominent example found in optics. In our lab we study a new type of solitons where matter and light exchange their roles!

Sounds interesting? Contact us at:

Lev Khaykovich, Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan University
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