Professor Arye L. Hillman, Bar-Ilan University


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“Beyond criticism: Logrolling and decoy voting in the United Nations”, with Niklas Potrafke (revised August 2012)


 “The excess burden of taxation in the presence of rent seeking”, with Nava Kahana and Doron Klunover (September 2012). Presented at 2012 Silvaplana Workshop on Political Economy.


“Voting and culture”, with Kfir Mezuanim and Niklas Potrafke. Presented at conference of Society for Social Choice and Welfare, New Delhi, August 2012. In progress.


 “Trust in a small post-socialist society: Montenegro”, with Christian Bjørnskov, Zeljko Bogetiç, and Milenko Popovic (July 2012 – in progress awaiting further experiments)




Recent publications


Rent seeking”. In The Elgar Companion to Public Choice, 2nd edition. Edited by Michael Reksulak, Laura Razzolini, and William F. Shughart II. Edward Elgar, 2012.