Arye L. Hillman




Public Finance and Public Policy: Responsibilities and Limitations of Government

Arye L. Hillman

Cambridge University Press, New York and Cambridge UK

2nd edition, 2009

1st Edition, 2003, 2nd and 3rd printings 2007

Japanese 2006, Keiso Shobo, Tokyo

Chinese 2006, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

Russian, 2009, Publishing House of the State University, Higher School of Education, Moscow



The Political Economy of Protection

Arye L. Hillman

Harwood Academic Publishers, Chur, London and New York, 1989.

2nd printing 1994

Republished 2001, Routledge, London.



Edited volumes


40 Years of Research on Rent Seeking

Volume 1: Theory of Rent Seeking

Volume 2: Applications: Rent Seeking in Practice

Introduction and contents

Roger D. Congleton, Arye L, Hillman, and Kai Konrad (Eds.)

Springer, Heidelberg, 2008


The WTO and the Political Economy of Trade Policy

Arye L. Hillman and Wilfred J. Ethier (Eds.)

Edward-Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, 2008


Table of contents


The Transition from Socialism in Eastern Europe: Domestic Restructuring and Foreign Trade

Arye L. Hillman and Branko Milanovic (Eds.)

The World Bank, Washington, D.C., 1992


Financing Government in Transition, Bulgaria: The Political Economy of Tax Policies, Tax Bases, and Tax Evasion

Arye L. Hillman and Željko Bogetić (Eds.)

The World Bank, Washington, D.C., 1995

Reprinted by Avebury Publishing, Brookfield, Vermont, 1996.


Markets and Politicians: Politicized Economic Choice

Arye L. Hillman (Ed.)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston and Dordrecht, 1991


Europe 1992: The perspective from Israel

Arye L. Hillman and Zvi Sussman (Eds.)

Israel International Institute for Applied Economic Policy Review, Tel-Aviv, 1991