Arye L. Hillman




William Gittes Chair
Professor of Economics

Bar-Ilan University

European Journal of Political Economy (Elsevier)


Department of Economics
Bar-Ilan University
52900 Ramat-Gan, Israel


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Silvaplana Workshop in Political Economy, July 2013, invitation to submit a paper for presentation








Date of birth:

13 January 1947

Place of birth:

Bad Wörishofen, U.S. zone of occupation, Bavaria, Germany



Family history:

Sole survivor of children of Yehoshua (ז"ל) and Rosa Hillman (ז"ל), whose other children perished at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Married to Jeannette (née Mann) in 1967.  Children Tamara, Ilana, Nachman Eliyahu, Benjamin, 18 grandchildren.




B.A., First Class Honors in Economics and the University Medal, University of Newcastle, Australia 1963-67 (honors thesis advisor Paul Sherwood)

M. Ecs. (Honors), Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia 1968-70, degree awarded 1972 (thesis advisor Peter Lloyd)

PhD Economics, University of Pennsylvania, USA 1970-73 (thesis advisors Albert Ando, Wilfred Ethier)

Academic family tree:  Ron Jones, to Wilfred Ethier; and Albert Ando



Principal: Bar-Ilan University, Department of Economics

Kiel Institute of World Economics, International Research Fellow

CESifo, Research Fellow

CEPR, Research Fellow


Offices and Honors

Max-Planck-Prize for Humanities Sciences, awarded jointly with Heinrich W. Ursprung, 1994

President, European Public Choice Society, 1996-1997

Fellow, Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, 2000

Albert Winsemius Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2000




Centre d’ economie de la Sorbonne, University of Paris I Sorbonne-Panthéon, Master in Economics Program, Spring semesters 2010 – 2012

Princeton University, U.S.A., Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs and Department of Economics, visiting professor of economics, spring 1989, fall 2004

International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C., Fiscal Affairs Department, summer 2000, 2002, 2003

The World Bank, Washington, DC, Research Fellow, Socialist Economies Reform Unit, 1990

U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, U.S.A., visiting professor, Department of Economics, 1985-87

Australian National University, visiting lecturer, Department of Economics, The Faculties, spring 1979

University of Illinois at Urbana, U.S.A., visiting assistant professor of economics, 1973-74




Bar-Ilan University: Senior Lecturer 1980-1982, Associate Professor 1982-1984

Tel-Aviv University, Lecturer, Department of Economics, lecturer 1974-79

University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Research Fellow, Economics Research Unit (concurrent with graduate studies) 1970-1973

Macquarie University, Australia. Senior Teaching Fellow 1968. Lecturer with tenure 1969-1970


Short-term visitor

University of NSW, July-August 2012, April-May 2009

Monash University, August 2012

Deakin University, August 2012

University of Freiburg, July 2009

University of Konstanz, June 2009, June-July 1993, June-July 1989, February 1988   

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Public Administration, Wuhan, China. October 2002, March 2004, October 2007

Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology, October 2007

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. July-August 2000, September 2007

Humboldt University, Berlin, July 2007

Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin, Market Processes and Governance Research Unit, July and October 2007

University of Havana, October 2006

Cambridge University, U.K., Faculty of Economics, February 2005

University of Catania, Sicily, October 1997, April 2000

Kobe University, Japan, February-March 2000

New School of Economics, Moscow, January-February 1995

Karl Marx (now Budapest) University of the Economic Sciences, November 1988

NBER, Cambridge, U.S.A., Summer Institute in International Studies, 1982, 1984, 1987

Centre of Policy Studies, Monash University, Melbourne, summer 1981, 1982, 1984

Australian National University, Canberra, Research School of Social Studies, summer 1979, 1980



My research focuses on political economy, or the interface between economic and political decisions. 





·        BOOKS    link


·        PAPERS

Research papers are classified according to the following topics.

1. Political economy and international economics    link

1.1   The political economy of international trade policy

1.2  The political economy of international migration

1.3  Comparative advantage and trade


2. Political economy and public policy    link

2.1 Behavioral political economy

2.2 Rent seeking and rent creation

2.3 Economic development

2.4 Clubs, privilege, and exclusion

2.5  Public policy and public safety

2.6 Other topics in public policy


3. Socialism and transition    link

3.1  Surveys

3.2   Rents and transition

3.3   Privatization

3.4   International trade policy in transition

3.5   Public finance in transition

3.6   Other aspects of transition

3.6.1    The rule of law

3.6.2    Economic statistics in the transition

3.6.3    Country studies


4. Short papers, comments, policy papers    link

4.1 The economy of Israel

4.2 Other papers and notes








National University of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Public lecture: “Expressive behavior and public policy”, August 13, 2012  

World Bank, ECA PREM Seminar “Lost in transition”, June 19, 2012

Public Choice Society, World Conference, Miami. Plenary talk: “A good idea: So what”. March 2012

Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies May 2011. Public lecture on: "Identity and expressive behavior in voting in Israel"

Public Choice Society, San Antonio, March 2011. Plenary presentation: “Behavioral political economy”

Silvaplana Workshop on Political Economy. Pontresina, July 2010. “Expressive policy traps”



CESifo 3rd Workshop on Political Economy, Dresden, December 2009. Keynote speaker on “Expressive behavior”

European Public Choice Society, Athens, April 2009. Plenary lecture on: “Expressive behavior in economics and politics: An overview and a perspective”

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation: the Israeli Humboldt Club, the Humboldt Kolleg Symposium on “When Science and Humanities Meet”, January 8, 2009. Invited lecture: “The welfare state”

Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, 21 May 2008. Public lecture: "The work ethic and the welfare state"

Hubei College of Economics, China, October 10, 2007. Public lecture: “Is social justice achievable?”

Singapore Economic Review annual public lecture, Nanyang University, September 20, 2007: “Globalization and social justice”

University of Havana, 44th Anniversary of the Initiation of the Study of Economics, Hotel Tryp Habana Libre, October 6, 2006. Plenary lecture on: “The elusive quest for social justice”



Mont Pelerin Society General Meetings, Salt Lake City, August 15-20, 2004.  Plenary address on: “Institutions of international decision making: the United Nations”

The World Bank, PREM Conference, Washington DC, April 27-28, 2004.  Debate with Jeffrey Sachs on: “Economic policies for failed states”

European Public Choice Society, Berlin, April, 2004.  Plenary lecture on: “Development failure”

Israel Economic Association, Symposium on 50 years of Economic Research in Israel, April 28, 1999. Invited lecture on: “Political Economy”

European Public Choice Society Annual Conference, Prague, April 1997. Presidential Address: "Political economy and political correctness"

Mont Pelerin Society General Meeting, Cannes, September 1994. Plenary address: "Nostalgia, self-interest, and the transition from socialism"

European Public Choice Society Annual Conference, Portrush, April 1993. Plenary address: "The transition from socialism: Some comforting thoughts for adherents to a public choice perspective"

Geneva Environmental Meetings, Environment and Development: Conflict and Convergence, May 1992. Presentation on: "Environmental protection and international trade"

Annual Meetings of the Economic Association of Israel, Tel-Aviv, December 1991. Plenary lecture: "The political economy of international trade policy"

European Public Choice Society Annual Conference, Meersburg, April 1990. Plenary lecture on "International trade policy: Benevolent dictators and optimizing politicians"

Taft Lecture, University of Cincinnati, April 1989. On: “Liberalizing socialist industry"





PhD theses (Bar-Ilan)

Yoav Zeif, 1999. Three essays in international trade policy and income distribution

Shirit Katav-Herz, 2002. Social norms, labor standards, and international consequences

Ronen Bar-El, 2006. Essays in intergenerational economics

Odelia Rosin, 2008. The economic consequences of obesity

Yariv Weltzman, 2010. The persistence of ineffective aid

Rezina Sultana, 2011. Essays on the political economy of economic development


Courses taught

Public economics, Public policy, International trade, Microeconomic theory






European Journal of Political Economy (Elsevier), since 1994


Other editorial affiliations

Associate editor for Political Economy and Institutions, imp-WG: Economics. The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-journal, Kiel Institute of World Economics, since 2006

Australian Economic Papers, editorial board, since 2004

International Advisory Board, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, since 1995

Editorial Board, The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, since 1995



Advisory Board, Encyclopedia of Public Choice, 1999

Associate Editor, Economics and Politics, 1990-1999







The Government of Israel: Office of the Prime Minister

Position paper, The economy of Israel: Misinformation or disinformation? 1992

Chair, forum for discussion of economic policy options, 1996-1997

International Monetary Fund, Fiscal Affairs Department

Ethics, governance, and development failure, 2000

User prices and basic education in low-income countries, 2002

Governance, growth and fiscal-policy transmission mechanisms in low-income countries 2003

The World Bank

Adjustment to end of CMEA trading arrangement 1990

International trade policy regime 1992 (Turkmenistan)

Choice of the tax regime 1992, incentives for private sector development 1993-1994 (Bulgaria)

Foreign trade regime 1993 (Baltics)

Foreign trade subsidies, directed credits 1993 (Russia)

Incentives for private sector development 1993 (Hungary)

Financing government in transition 1994-95 (Bulgaria)

World Development Report Background Paper 1995-96: "Rents and the transition" (with Alan Gelb and Heinrich Ursprung)

Enterprise development, 2002 (Uzbekistan)

Political economy of transition 2012 (Montenegro)

GATT/World Trade Organization

International trade policy and environmental interests 1991

Trade, technology, and social marginalization 1998

The European Union

Economic policy in Hungary 1989