My office at Bar Ilan University is in building 502-3 on the side facing 501. I have no fixed office hours during the summer, but I'm available by appointment.

Where exactly is 502-3?

The numbering in this part of the campus is incredibly confusing, so I suggest that you use the instructions below or enter the following coordinates into a GPS/navigation application on your smartphone: 32.069903, 34.842975 (yes, I know this sounds ridiculous; wasting 15 minutes trying to find a room is even more ridiculous). You can also search for the following code on Google Maps: 3R9V+X5

If you're coming from 404, exit from the back towards the parking lot; on the other side of the parking lot cross the road and turn left:

Turn right between 501 and 502-1:

Pass this:

And here it is:

You can also get there from the passage between buildings 502-1 (the exams department, מדור בחינות) and 502-3 (department of information science and department of classical studies):

Don't enter the main corridor of 502-3 (where these two departments are), walk on the outside of the building all the way to the end and then turn right (behind the tree in the picture above).