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Prof. Elise S. Brezis
Director, Azrieli Center for Economic Policy

Publications by subject

Elites and Economics
"Elites and Economic Outcomes" in S. Durlauf and L. Blume, eds. New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, forthcoming.
"The Role of Higher Education Institutions: Recruitment of Elites and Economic Growth" (with Francois Crouzet) in T. Eicher, eds. Institutions and Economic Growth, MIT Press, 2006:191-213.

"Elites, Minorities and Economic Growth", ed. with Peter Temin, North Holland, Elsevier, 1999.
"Elites, Minorities and Economic Growth in an Interdisciplinary Perspective", (with Peter Temin) in Brezis and Temin, ed. Elites, Minorities and Economic Growth, North-Holland, Elsevier, 1999, pp. 3-16.
"Elite Schools, Circulation of Elites and Economic Development: The ENA Case" (with Francois Crouzet), in Brezis and Temin, ed. Elites, Minorities and Economic Growth, North-Holland, Elsevier, 1999, pp. 235-248.
Leapfrogging and Economic Growth
"Leapfrogging in International Competition: A Theory of Cycles in National Technological Leadership." (with Paul Krugman and Daniel Tsiddon), American Economic Review, December 1993, pp.1211 1219.
"Technology and Life Cycle of Cities"(with Paul Krugman), Journal of Economic Growth, December 1997, pp. 369-383.
"Economic Growth, Leadership and Capital Flows: the Leapfrogging Effect" (with Daniel Tsiddon), Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, September 1998, pp.261-277.
Economic Growth
"Immigration, Investments and Growth" (with Paul Krugman), Journal of Population Economics, 9, 1996, pp. 83 93.
"Minorities and Economic Growth: A Synthesis" in The Economic Role of Minorities in Europe, Datini Institute for Economic History, 2000, pp.502-507.
"Social Classes, Demographic Transition and Economic Growth", European Economic Review, 2001, 45: 707-717.
"The New views on Demographic Transition: A Reassessment of Malthus's and Marx's Approach to Population" (with Warren Young), European Journal of Economic Thought, 2003, 10: 25-45.
"Le Passage du developpement ? la croissance." In K. de Queiros-Mattoso, L'histoire ?conomique moderne, l'harmattan,1999, pp. 387-408.
Economic History
"Britain's Balance of Payments in the Century before Waterloo: New Estimates, Controlled Conjectures", Economic History Review, February 1995, pp.46 67.
Did Foreign Capital Flows Finance the Industrial Revolution? A reply, Economic History Review, February 1997.
"The Role of Assignats during the French Revolution: Evil or Rescuer?" (with Francois Crouzet), Journal of European Economic History, April 1995, pp.7 40.
"The Dynamics of Wages and Prices during the Great Depression" (with Jean Louis Arcand), Journal of Macroeconomics., August 1993, pp.553 589.
Higher Education
"Changes in the Training of the Power Elites in Western Europe" (with Francois Crouzet), Journal of European Economic History, 2004, 33:33-58.
"Higher Education and Economic Growth", in A. Hyz., ed., Education and Economic Development. 2007.
"Inequality, Education and Economic Growth: Heterodox and Neoclassical Views" Working Paper
"Is more education always better for Growth?" (with Galit Eizman), Working Paper.
Economics of Transition
"Communist Regime Collapse: Output and the Rate of Repression (with Adi Schnytzer), Eastern Economic Journal, Fall 1998, pp. 463-474.
"Why are the Transition Paths in China and Eastern Europe Different? A Political Economy Perspective" (with Adi Schnytzer), Economics of Transition, 2003, 11:3-23.
"Political Institutions and Economic Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: A Snowball Effect" (with Thierry Verdier) Economic Systems, 2003, 27:289-311.
"The Geography of Transition" (with Thierry Verdier), Working Paper
Technological Changes
"Focal Randomization: An Optimal mechanism for the evaluation of R&D", Working Paper
"Can ICT reduce Rent Seeking?" Working Paper
"The Role of High Tech in the Rivalry on Power and Competitiveness", in Weidenfeld and Zimmerman, ed. Beyond Sovereignty: The European Integration, 1996, pp.165-73.
International Trade
"Mercantilism" Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History, Oxford University Press, 2003, vol. 3, pp. 482-85.
"Market Structure and Trade Liberalization: The Case of Sole Importership" (with Avi Weiss), Quarterly Economics, (Hebrew), August 1995, pp.267 283.
"Competition and Concentration in the Israeli Import Sector", Quarterly Tax Review, (Hebrew), 1999, 104: 26-44.
"The Effects of Internet and E-Commerce on Competition and Concentration in the Import Market", Quarterly Tax Review, (Hebrew), November 2000, pp.58-73.
Economic Policy
"Price Level Determinacy and the Choice of Policy Targets under Rational Expectations," (with E. Offenbacher), Economic Letters, 13, 1983, pp.25 30.
"Post Regulatory Employment Restrictions" (with Avi Weiss), European Journal of Political Economy, v13, 1997, pp.517-536
"Is a Cooling-off Period for Regulators in the public Service Sector Necessary?" (with Avi Weiss), Quarterly Economics, (Hebrew), July 1998, pp.397-412.
"Endogenous Red Tape: Bureaucracy as oil on the hinges of a revolving door" (with Avi Weiss). Working Paper.
Economics of Israel
"Disengagement: Can it Improve the Palestinian Economy?", Israel Affairs, April 2006, 12(2): 330-340.
"Economic Cooperation and Conflict Resolution: Europe and the Middle East", European Union Review, 2003, 8:7-34.
"The Impact of Terrorist Activity on the Israeli Economy", (with Adi Schnytzer), in M. Hacohen, ed. The Progress of Israel's Economy, 1998, pp. 45-49.
"Europe and Israel: The Effects of EMU on Development and Growth", in Ahiram E., and Tovias A., ed., Israel and Europe: Common and Divergent Interests. (Peter Lang), 1995, pp.165 175.
"Credit as a Target for Monetary Policy in Israel," (with E. Offenbacher and S. Piterman), Monetary Policy in Israel, Bank of Israel, 1983 (in Hebrew), 1983, pp.60 71.
"The Interaction between Inflation and Monetary Aggregates in Israel," (with L. Leiderman and R.Melnick), The Bank of Israel Review, 55, 1983, pp.48 60.
Book Reviews
Book Review on "The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective", Angus Maddison, EH-net, 2001.
Book Review on "The Accounts of the British Empire", Mario Tiberi, EH-net, 2005.
Book Review on "The Fading Miracle: Four Decades of Market Economy in Germany", Giersch, Paque, and Schmieding, Quarterly Economics, 1998 (4 pages)
Work in Progress
"Mercantilism and Power"
"Government Intervention and Growth"
"Efficiency of the the Korean Slave market: 1689-1890" (with HeeHo Kim)
"Real Wages during the British Industrialization: Historiography and new Conclusions" (with Francois Crouzet).
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