Orly Aviv

Graduate Student

I am a researcher in the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, Bar-Ilan University, in Prof Moshe Bar's lab. My research questions focus on the subjects of association and revoking memory.

Given that memory can be consolidated in visual association, I want to study the opposite direction – can personalized visual associations help reach memories that are less accessible in other ways? And if so, is it possible to create a simple model for stimulating specific memories? If true, this may allow a creative handy tool for helping people cope with certain memory problems.

In parallel to my research study I am an international visual artist. I use digital means to create Photography, Video, Sculpture, Installation and Music. The urge for my research began when I understood the quality and benefits of using associations in the process of creating art and in communicating with the anonymous viewer.

My academic background:
MFA, Slade, University College London, London, UK
MSc, Information System, Tel Aviv University.
BA, Mathematics and Political science, Bar-Ilan University.