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The bibliographies are in English and Hebrew.

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(ז"נשת) הנומאו הכלה גהנמ - ןארמוק לע םידומיל תינכת

The Copper Scroll (3Q15) in Hebrew according to J. Lefkovis reading.

The Copper Scroll (3Q15) in Hebrew and English according to A. Wolters reading.

If you prefer to see them both in frames:
here there are 2 different Hebrew texts with one English translation together
The Copper Scroll (3Q15) in Two different Hebrew readings and English.

Well, if you can't see frames or you don't have the Hebrew font, you can see the image of the frames.

My paper read at the International Symposium on the Copper Scroll - Mancheter, September 1996:

The Process of Writing the Copper Scroll


'Reasons for Sectarianism According to the Tannaim and the Impurity of Oil Alleged by the Essenes According to Josephus',
A paper read in 'The Dead Sea Scrolls - 50 Years After their Discovery', Jerusalem, July 20-25, 1997 (Abstract).

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Scrolls From the Dead Sea.

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