ABSTRACT: The Genizah: Antonin's and Wertheimer's Collections

'Alei Sefer, 23 (2013), pp. 121-137  Meir Bar-Ilan


This paper aims to shed light on the early years of the Genizah manuscripts’ publications by looking at the source of the manuscripts, some known to be from the Genizah while others came from an unknown source.

First, Archimandrite Antonin (1817-1894) collection is discussed and later Rabbi S. Wertheimer’s collection, showing similarities and differences between these collections. Their sources, as well as their middlemen, are discussed.

It is already known that R. Wertheimer published manuscripts from the Genizah before S. Schechter (1846-1915) did, but what was the first Ms. from the Genizah to be published is not clear. It is suggested that the first scholar who published Mss. from the Genizah, without telling his source, was S. Pinsker (1801-1864) whose Mss. were given by his friend: A. Firkowiz (1787-1874). Pinsker books were published in 1860 and 1864 and it is assumed that his books are based on Mss that came to Firkowiz from the Genizah.