Meir Bar-Ilan (born 1951) studied seven years at Bar-Ilan University in the Jewish History, Talmud and Jewish philosophy departments together with four years of studying at the Higher Talmud Institute at the university. After his PhD (1983) he got a one year of scholarship at the Hebrew University. In 1988 he got Holon prize for his book Sitrey Tefila ve-Hekhalot. In 1989 he got one year scholarship at Harvard University.

Since 1979 Bar-Ilan teaches at Bar-Ilan University at both Talmud and Jewish History departments. In 2000-1 Bar-Ilan was a guest professor at the Institute of Judaic Studies at Vienna University. In 2007-8 he served as chair of the Talmud department. Under his guidance five PhDs have been accomplished.

Bar-Ilan participated in numerous professional conferences in Israel, Canada, France, Denmark, England, Mexico, Switzerland, and more countries. He published five books and some 120 papers mainly in Hebrew and English. His papers were published in professional journals in various disciplines of the Ancient world from Biblical literature, pseudepigrapha, Talmud, and Hekhalot literature. He wrote on various subjects in ancient social history, literacy, liturgy, mysticism, magic, medicine and more. Bar-Ilan also wrote review-papers in Judaic studies.

Bar-Ilan's website is one of the first to be built in Israel (October 1995).

Bar-Ilan served in the army and participated in two wars. He got wounded at Lebanon in 1982.