The Virtual Jewish Library: The Future is already Here

Meir Bar-Ilan

The aim of this paper is to present a few projects that demonstrate the future (Jewish) library by showing the advantages of the virtual library, especially by adding search abilities to digital books.

So far, mostly only "call-number" of books are available through the net (and the WWW), but due to the rapid changes of technology / web techniques, it is now much easier to dream - and to have - the whole Jewish library on-line for the benefit of every one in his home all over the world

This paper presents a unique "search-engine" that searches on-line in dual- languge: Hebrew and English in the following ways: full-text, titles, key- words, authors and a combination of those. This search-engine works and demonstrates:

The paper will call for moving Jewish literature (Hebrew - English, and any other language) into the digital media, subject to search-capabilities from any desk in the global village.

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Last updated: July 12, 1998 - March 3, 2002