Sleep & Circadian Rhythms Lab

Topics studied in our lab include

  • sleep losss
  • sleep deprivation
  • sleep inertia
  • continuous operation

Ongoing Research:

Sleep inertia (Efi Grossman)

It is widely recognized that a short period of time following (abrupt) awakening is characterized by degraded mood and performance. Virtually every type of task attempted during the 30 min after awakening is affected by sleep inertia. The research deals with time course of sleep inertia dissipation for cognitive tasks.


Cognitive impairment after sleep deprivation
Gil Zukerman)

In this study we use behavioral and electrophysiological measures to test the nature of cognitive impairment after sleep deprivation with the emphasis on identifying the source of the deficit in the brain. Additionally, we will examine the interactive effect of sleep deprivation  and circadian rhythmicity on a variety of cognitive and psychomotor skills. The research includes the systematic study of the impact of sleep deprivation and the circadian rhythm on a variety of cognitive and psychomotor tasks both basic and complex. Some of the tasks tap prefrontal function and others are associated with more caudal brain areas. In addition we will examine the influence of sleep deprivation on electrophysiological measures using ERP paradigms that generate the classical P300 and novelty p3 component.