E-Mail Address:  babkofh@mail.biu.ac.il



Feb., 1961 - May, 1964             Ph.D.     Columbia University, New York

                                                                             (Experimental Psychology)

Sept., 1959 - Feb., 1961            MA        Columbia University, New York

                                                                             (Experimental Psychology)

1953 - 1959                             BS          Ner Israel Rabbinical College

                                                                                          Baltimore, MD

1955 - 1959                             Courses   Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

1957 - 1958                             Courses   Loyola University, Baltimore, MD



1966 - 1968                        Interdepartmental Research Fellow sponsored

                                                                by Professor Seth E. Sharpless, Department

                                                              of Pharmacology, Albert Einstein College of

                                                               Medicine, Bronx, NY.


EMPLOYMENT (1980-present)

A. Research

July-August, 1998                             Research Associate, Summer Faculty Research Program Air Force Office of Scientific Research.  Brooks Air Force Base, Texas,78235.                   

June, 1989 - Sept 1990                  National Research Council Senior Associateship

Naval Health Research Center, P. O. Box 85122,  San Diego, CA 92138-9174

Oct., 1979 - Sept., 1981                National Research Council Senior Associateship

                                                                              Department of Military Medical Psycho-

               physiology, Walter Reed Army Institute

                                                                           of Research, Washington, DC                     

B. Teaching

1981 -                                              Full Professor, Department of Psychology,

                                                               Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

1976 – 1981                                    Associate Professor, Department of Psychology,

                                                               Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

1971 - 1976                                     Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology,

                                                               Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.



C. Administration

1991 – 1997                                     Academic Supervisor of the Regional Colleges

                                                                  Associated with Bar-Ilan.

1982 - 1987                                      Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences,

                                                                      Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan. Israel.

1976 - 1979                                      Chairman, Department of Psychology,


Research and Teaching Experience


The areas in which I have performed research in the past, and published include: General sensory psychology, auditory psychophysics; binaural interaction of dichotic stimuli; studies of auditory masking of short duration stimuli; temporal discrimination; tactile psychophysics with electrocutaneous stimuli; ERG studies of monocularly light deprived animals; brain-language mechanisms; sleep deprivation; sleep disturbances and sleep characteristics in the population at large.

Brain and Language: We continue to study the relation between hemisphericity and language. Among these are studies of language using a lexical decision  paradigm with visual hemifield stimulation  by word and non-word stimuli  to help elucidate  brain-language mechanisms. Behavioral and electrophysiological (erp) data are recorded. The latter are recorded from an array of scalp electrodes to test  various models of hemisphere dominance for processing verbal material. We have recently begun a series of experiments recoding erp and behavioral responses to  monaurally- and binaurally- presented  language stimuli.

Sleep deprivation, shift work and performance: Several ongoing studies in the area of sleep deprivation, sleep disruption and night work schedules. We continue to analyze data from several earlier studies of the effects of 72-hours of sleep deprivation on sleepiness and performance. We recently completed a study with the US  Air Force on the combined use of one-hour exposure to bright light and caffeine during a night-time work schedule on performance. In addition, we have an ongoing continuing data collection of night and daytime sleep characteristics and complaints of fatigue in the population at large, which are  used for collaborative research with colleagues and graduate students.


My undergraduate teaching experience includes:

               General Introductory Psychology


                Experimental Psychology

                Sensation and Perception

            My graduate teaching experience includes:

                Advanced Experimental Methodology

                Advanced Experimental Tutorial

                Advanced Topics in Hearing and Vision

                Sleep, Sleepiness and Performance

                Brain and Language







Selected Recent Publications and Talks at International Fora  (1990 -present)


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