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Current position: Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Fish Immunology and Genetics.

Professor Ramy Avtalion received his degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (1961) in France and completed post-doctoral studies at the Pasteur Institute of Paris (1963). He was the head of the section of Veterinary Anaerobic Vaccine Preparation at the Kimron Veterinary Institute, Bet-Dagan, Israel (1963-1964).

He joined Bar-Ilan University in 1964, served as animal house director (1964-1971), and founded the Laboratory of Fish Immunology and Genetics (1967). He served at Bar-Ilan University as Chairman of the Research Committee of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (1979-1981), as Chairman of the Union of Academic Staff (1980-1981), as the head of the Department (now Faculty) of Life Sciences (1983-1986) and as a member of the Senate Coordinating Committee (1988-1989).

He is/was member of editorial boards of international scientific journals: Developmental and Comparative Immunology (1976-1990); J. of Fish Biology (1986-1993); J. of Fish and Shell-Fish Immunology (1990-1995) and Israeli J. of Aquaculture. 1987- present;

His major research interests are in the fields of comparative immunology, genetics and pathology in which he established important achievements by using fish as biological models. A total of 58 students (12 Ph.D. and 46 M.Sc.) have been chaired in his laboratory and 8 (5 Ph.D. and 4 M.Sc.) are currently enrolled. He has published over 100 scientific articles and general reviews and has developed and patented electrophoresis apparatuses.


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