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         The Laboratory of Immunology and Genetics at the Faculty of Life Sciences includes a well equipped research laboratory (85 sq. m.), a hatchery 120 sq. m., an egg-incubator and larvae rearing room (30 sq. m.), a cold room and a store room (in total 235 sq. m.)

         The research laboratory includes a sterile room equipped with 2 large laminar flows allowing 4 persons to work simultaneously, 3 incubators for cell culture (18, 25, and 37C), an inverted microscope, a refrigerator and a deep-freezer.

         The main laboratory, providing a working space for 9 researchers and technicians, is equipped with facilities for immunological and biochemical research (3 centrifuges, 4 electrophoresis apparatus, a cell harvester, 4 microscopes (for fluorescence, photo and stereomicroscopy), an ELISA reader, a spectrophotometer and a thermal sequencer for PCR.. It also includes a small dark room for fluorescence microscopy.

         The hatchery includes 24 tanks of 500-750 cub. m. each, a concrete tank of 8 cub. m. 12 aquaria (170x37x40) holding spawning families of tilapias, 20 aquaria (70x30x28 cm) for the rearing of juvenile fish. All water containers are thermoregulated and equipped with continuous flow of water and air; the aquaria are equipped with a recirculating water system through biomechanical filters; Three of the 750 cub. m. containers are equipped with circulating cold water to be regulated to any desired low and high temperature. The egg-incubator room contains 2 egg incubator systems of 20 Zuger-bottles each, 54 cells (20x30x20 cm) for rearing larvae, 4 aquaria (170x37x40cm) for spawning families and a 10 cells (5x15x20 cm) system for keeping scale grafted fish. All water systems and containers of this room are equipped with recirculating water flowing through charcoal filters and UV sterilizers.



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